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Capri Motor Inn NY USA

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Description of Capri Motor Inn: Motel open year round. Some rooms with hot tubs.

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Traveler Reviews of Capri Motor Inn

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Not the best place

The rooms do not have any closets or dressers to put your clothes. Only place to put them is on the floor, and you don't wanna do that. The rooms smell like UGHHHH!
Seems like if you pay that type of money at least the owner could provide a place to put your clothes. Even a rack mounted on the wall would be a start.Cheap hotels have that!!

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Capri Motor Inn Contact Information

Capri Motor Inn

Address of Capri Motor Inn
434 Hempstead Turnpike,
West Hempstead, NY
USA, 11552
Phone of Capri Motor Inn
(516) 485-7300

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